Message from the CEO

ian CEO

With the new age of healthcare reform, I created this MSO to help physicians retain their autonomy of practice and protect the art of medicine for my children. These are trying times financially, operationally, and politically. Running a medical practice requires sound business-decision making and an understanding of what the future has in store. In my travels, I have encountered countless individuals searching for solutions to market and financial forces without a true understanding of the process.

I was raised in an independent group family practice. The talks around the dinner table ranged from the coming of de-capitation to P4P. Over the past two decades, I have been involved in a successful family-run medical practice. Through this experience, I have gained a unique perspective as to what it takes to adapt and sustain through times of adversity.

Now is the time for the evolution of Family Practice to a Patient Centered Medical Home. Sitting down with stakeholders and defining what quality, accountable care, and patient centeredness means, and how they will respond and operationalize these definitions is an invaluable process. Sierra Management Group can provide the vehicle to achieve this transformation.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Sierra Management Group, Inc. for nearly a year as we’ve collaborated on developing a network of Patient Centered Medical Homes. Over the course of this time, they’ve impressed me with their talent and the quality of programs they’ve created. Our association with Sierra Management has definitely enhanced theContinue Reading