Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management and performance based outcomes are the future.

Our Pay for Performance specialists are confident and familiar with a wide variety of reimbursement models, including those centralized around performance based measures and quality metrics.

With knowledge gained from experience and tact, we offer workflow assessments and redesign to satisfy various measures at the time of service, ensuring the capture of necessary data required to meet measure standards and guidelines.

Our expert analysts and auditors who help guide practices to quality management through monitoring, reporting and attestation can help you meet Meaningful Use and better align with the future of healthcare.

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What Our Clients Say

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Sierra Management Group, Inc. for nearly a year as we’ve collaborated on developing a network of Patient Centered Medical Homes. Over the course of this time, they’ve impressed me with their talent and the quality of programs they’ve created. Our association with Sierra Management has definitely enhanced theContinue Reading